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Navigation Menu Set-Up

Tip! Before you can add pages to your navigation menu, you’ll need to create them. Head to WordPress > Pages > Add New to create a new page. If you’d like to have categories in your navigation menu, you can create new categories at WordPress > Posts > Categories > Add New.

1. In your WordPress admin dashboard, hover over Appearance.

2. Click on Menus.

3. (If you already have a menu set up, skip to step 9) Enter the name for your menu in the text box.

4. Click Create Menu.


5. Select the pages you would like to add to your navigation menu.

6. Click Add to Menu. They will be added under the “Menu Structure” heading.


7. Want to add a drop-down menu? Simply drag a page under and to the right of another page. Any indented pages will only appear when you hover over the main link.


8. To add an external link, click on the “links” tab in the left sidebar of the Menu page. Add your link and title and click “Add to Menu.”

9. Once you have your menu configured how you would like, check “Primary Navigation Menu” in the Theme Locations section. This tells the navigation where it should be located (if you don’t choose a location, no navigation will be displayed.


10. All of our WordPress themes also feature a secondary navigation menu area. Create a new menu and under theme locations, select “Secondary Navigation Menu.”

11. When you are done creating your menu(s), make sure to click “Save Menu” in the upper righthand corner.