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How to Install a Plugin

A WordPress plugin is a bit of software that can be upload to extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress website. There are over 30,000 free plugins in the WordPress marketplace (link).

So, how do I install a WordPress plugin?

1. In your WordPress dashboard, hover over Plugins

2. Choose “Add New”

3. Type your search term into the box and press “Search Plugins”



4. Once you have located the plugin you would like to install, click Install Now.


5. After the plugin has successfully uploaded, click Activate.

Plugin Tips

ALWAYS check the reviews for a plugin and make sure the developer is reputable and responsive to support requests. Plugins have the potential ability to seriously damage your site, so it’s important to be careful and thoroughly research every plugin you install.

You can always deactivate/delete a plugin on your “Installed Plugins” page.