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Set Up a Contact Form

1. We love the Ninja Forms plugin for creating contact forms. It’s easy to use, has a simple interface, and looks great.

2. From your WordPress dashboard, hover over Plugins.

3. Click Add New.

4. Type “Ninja Forms” in the search box and press search.

5. Click “Install Now” near the Ninja Forms plugin title.





6. Activate the plugin.

7. A new “Forms” section will be added to your WordPress admin sidebar. Hover over forms and choose “New Form.”

8. Give your form a name, and fill out the information on the Form Settings page.

9. At the top, click on Field Settings.

10. To add a new field, click on one of the Field options on the left. These are the fields and labels we use for our demo contact forms:



11. In each field, choose “Above Element” for the Label Position (this position looks best when using our WordPress themes).

12. Click Save Field Settings.

13. Go to Forms > All Forms.

14. Under Shortcode, copy the shortcode snippet.


15. Go to Pages > Add New.

16. Paste your shortcode in the text box. Publish. Now you have a fancy contact form!