Post Signature


Post signatures add a touch of personalization to your blog posts, and we promise it’ll make your posts that much more memorable! You must purchase one of our Blogger or WordPress themes with this product or have purchased a theme in the past.

A post signature is a small graphic image that goes at the bottom of your blog posts. Just like a regular signature, it’s comprised of your name (and sometimes something extra like “xo” or a heart). The role of a post signature is to personalize/humanize your blog a bit, by adding some flair to the end of your posts. You can view examples of post signatures in the second listing image above.

  • Png post signature graphic, personalized with your name and matching the theme of your choice
  • Installation instructions

In the “Notes to 17th Avenue” section during checkout, please provide the name you’d like the signature to say, along with any symbols/words/graphics that you would like to include (i.e. “xo” or a heart symbol).

Post signature will be sent via email in 3-5 business days.