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How to Add a Jump Break

A jump break (also known as a ‘read more’ link/button) allows you to display a preview of your posts on your home page. Readers can click on the read more button to continue reading your post. This is a helpful feature if you write long or image-heavy posts, as it makes your home page more readable. Here are instructions for implementing a jump break in a Blogger post:

1. Open your Blogger dashboard and navigate to your Posts page. Open an existing post in the post editor, or create a new post.

2. Find where you would like your content to ‘break’ (i.e. the read more button to be placed) and click your cursor there.


3. At the top of the post editor, click the ‘insert jump break’ icon. A read more button will be placed wherever your cursor was located. (Please note that the actual read more button will not appear until you view your live home page. In your post editor, it will show up as a dashed line.)