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Fix Blurry Slideshow Images

If your images are appearing blurry in your slideshow, follow the below steps:

1. Go to and log into your account. At the top of the page, find the orange “Upload” button and click it.

2. You should see a large box with a dashed border in the center of the page. At the top right corner of that box, find the small gray cog and click it.



3. A box will pop up, with the heading “upload options.” If your images are blurry, it is most likely because your upload settings are not correctly configured. Make sure that 1024×768 is select AND “display my linked. photos in their original sizes” is checked.

4. Save.



5. Re-upload your slideshow images to Photobucket. You’ll also need to “re-link” your slideshow image code. There are instructions for this in your theme installation manual.


NOTE: The above may not remedy all slideshow bluriness. The other possible culprit is that your slideshow images are not correctly sized. All slideshow images must be EXACTLY 980 x 420px. Click here to read our slideshow images tutorial.